Hello and welcome to Windowlux Reading! We created this website to help Reading and Berkshire residents with their window related problems and any questions they might have about double glazing and uPVC fitting or repair. If you have any issue from installation of double glazing unit in your home to finding a good window repair professional in Reading at a good price, you’re in the right place.

Having the right window and door fixtures in your home can save you money, reduce noise and keep your house warm, but it’s an investment you should make carefully due to the high cost and the problems you might encounter further down the line if you use a fly-by-night installer or a company with poor after-sales service. Fortunately Reading is blessed with a number of fantastic double glazing and uPVC window companies and if you follow our advice you’ll be able to find a great deal for any double glazing installation or repair work you might need.

If you’ve encountered problems with your window or door units that need repairing, we encourage you to find a local double glazing or uPVC company to take care of the repair work for you. Whilst some minor jobs can be undertaken without the help of a pro, many of the problems that crop up with double glazing require expert knowledge and tools and we don’t recommend taking these on unless you have prior experience in the industry. Luckily, you can often cover repair costs through a guarantee or obtain a repeated use discount from the original manufacturer, and in any case the cost of window repairs is usually much cheaper than a brand new installation. Check out our articles on double glazing and uPVC repairs in Reading for more information.

Please dig in to our articles on everything related to installation and repair of uPVC  and double glazing Reading, we hope you learn something new and thanks for visiting!

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